Food For Thought

The other night Robert and I were having a conversation before bed.  We found ourselves in a deep conversation about our relationship.  Don’t fret it wasn’t about our relationship with each other but our relationship with God.   We talked about where we felt we were and where we wanted to be. Then, Robert made a comment which has been thought provoking for me and has been an avenue for God to really speak and work with me.

As many of you know Robert and I promote Thrive by Le-Vel.  We love the product and want others around us to find the benefits from it that we have .  The past few months we have really been pushing Thrive with all of it’s benefits.   I am actually surprised  no one has de-friended me on Facebook over how much we promote Thrive. Yes, it has seriously been that bad but we have been able to get family and friends to try Thrive.  We feel like we are helping change their lives.

All of this being said, back to what Robert said during our conversation earlier this week.  Robert and I had talked about our desire to be closer to God in 2017 than what we were in 2016.  We talked about what we could do to grow closer:  read our Bible more, pray more, attend church, and even get involved in small groups.  These are all things we do anyway but we knew to grow closer and to draw others to God we needed to increase these activities.

Then Robert blurted out, “What if we promote God as much as we promote Thrive.  Think about how many people we could win for the Kingdom!”  This quote got me thinking.  Had I gotten so caught up in changing people’s lives I forgot to make sure they had God in their lives?  Don’t get me wrong I love Thrive and we will continue to promote it BUT at the same time we have to spend just as much energy on promoting God and growing our relationship with him.

Many people make resolutions for each New Years, my resolution for 2016 was to lose weight to which I have lost about 30 pounds!   It is now time to think about my resolution for 2017.  While  I will keep losing weight, taking and promoting Thrive  – these will not be my resolution.  My resolution, and I am sure my husband will join me with this one, is to promote God and grow closer to Him!

By the way I took my first step in this today by reconnecting with a close friend and starting a Facebook group where we will be able to connect with others who are Saved by Grace.   I will be sharing more about this group over the next few weeks and months.  I am looking forward to the roll Robert and I will play in this group with discussions, Bible studies and various other outreaches!



Did Robert Find A Job?

I know it has been a little bit since I have posted — but everyone should know I survived Third Grade Camp Out 2014!!  Now things have settled down I will be posting more frequently to keep everyone up to date on our journey.

When last I wrote Robert and I were facing the end of  October and he still didn’t have a job.  When we reached November we knew without a doubt we could not afford to stay in the house we were living in anymore.  We realized we had to do something and we had to act fast.   Our lives began revolving around how to make a house payment, we weren’t able to get out and go anymore.  So Veteran’s Day week we began our move out of our house and into a small room at my parent’s house.

Now, that we no longer had the stress of a house on our shoulders Robert was able to give a little more focus on a job.  This focus and attention introduced him to the public library in Lake Butler, Gainesville, and I believe Starke.   He and I both searched and searched.  Then one Thursday when we picked up the county paper there was an add for a teacher at Northside Christian Academy.  This seemed too good to be true, a job just a few miles from where we were now living and a teaching job also!   Robert emailed his resume and quickly heard back from the Principal at the school.  The Principal wanted to meet with Robert and talk to him.   I knew this had to be the job Robert was going to get, it had to be.  Well, one week turned into about three weeks before we heard anything back from the Principal.  They were interested in Robert coming in and shadowing teachers in which he would get paid!   He and I celebrated — this meant we could buy Christmas for Haynes and our family!  We knew God had answered a prayer.  The school allowed Robert to shadow and substitute for two or three weeks prior to Christmas in which time he had interviewed for the teaching job.   He unfortunately didn’t get the job BUT the school wanted him to stay on as a substitute.  Robert seemed to be working almost every day as a substitute and it always seemed to be in the same class, Spanish/Computer Class.  Was this another appointment from God??  Was God up to something that we didn’t realize?  What path was God placing Robert on and what did this Spanish/Computer class have to do with this path?