Secret Journey

Goodness, I am not sure where to start this blog.  I have so much on my mind I need to share with my friends and family.

Several months ago Robert and I were met with an opportunity which would lead us on a new journey,  until now a secret journey.   If you have followed me on Facebook, you know this journey requires faith and trust in God’s timing.  Robert and I did not know, at the time, where this journey would lead us. We knew, however, that it was a journey we had to take for many reasons.

Looking back over the past few months, I regret not opening up to my family and friends sooner BUT we were trying to prevent hurting other people while we were on this journey.

You are probably asking me what in the world are you talking about, aren’t you? This new journey all began with a question.  The question came from the heart of a grandmother and the love she has for her first grandchild.  One afternoon while my aunt was at our house visiting with, us she asked us a question with 7 words, “Would you be willing to adopt her?”  The “her” she was referring to is an infant!   Robert and I were totally blown away that she would think that much of us she would want us to adopt this baby.

We knew we had a lot of praying and seeking God  to do about this situation.  How could we say no to opening our home and life up to a beautiful baby girl who needed a home where she would be loved and protected for the rest of her life?   We had so much seeking to do.  Where would God lead us?  What answers would He give us?   So our prayer life ended up in overdrive.

The past few months since we were asked about adoption we have had many words of wisdom from individuals.  Robert and I received the most valuable words of advice from Haynes when we discussed with him about this opportunity.   Haynes told us, “If you don’t adopt the baby then you are being irresponsible.  You need to adopt her.” When we heard these words we knew God was giving us an open door to start the process.  We only had to trust His timing.

Once we made the decision to put our names into the “hat” for adoption we opened up to a few friends and family members.   The response and help we have received has been amazing.  We realize just how blessed we are to have the friends we have — our friends are the best.

Today, we faced a new leg of this journey, one which may not have gone the way we wanted it too BUT it was not the end of this journey.   I know over the next few months we will continue on the journey and praise God for all of his blessings along the way.   We have realized we ARE in God’s will because of the opposition we are facing and He sees the end from the beginning.  God even showed me in the middle of what seemed like confusion to some that all would be fine!

Now that our new journey is not a secret anymore, we will keep you updated along the way!  So when you say your prayers tonight remember us, the baby, and this journey God has placed us on.


Food For Thought

The other night Robert and I were having a conversation before bed.  We found ourselves in a deep conversation about our relationship.  Don’t fret it wasn’t about our relationship with each other but our relationship with God.   We talked about where we felt we were and where we wanted to be. Then, Robert made a comment which has been thought provoking for me and has been an avenue for God to really speak and work with me.

As many of you know Robert and I promote Thrive by Le-Vel.  We love the product and want others around us to find the benefits from it that we have .  The past few months we have really been pushing Thrive with all of it’s benefits.   I am actually surprised  no one has de-friended me on Facebook over how much we promote Thrive. Yes, it has seriously been that bad but we have been able to get family and friends to try Thrive.  We feel like we are helping change their lives.

All of this being said, back to what Robert said during our conversation earlier this week.  Robert and I had talked about our desire to be closer to God in 2017 than what we were in 2016.  We talked about what we could do to grow closer:  read our Bible more, pray more, attend church, and even get involved in small groups.  These are all things we do anyway but we knew to grow closer and to draw others to God we needed to increase these activities.

Then Robert blurted out, “What if we promote God as much as we promote Thrive.  Think about how many people we could win for the Kingdom!”  This quote got me thinking.  Had I gotten so caught up in changing people’s lives I forgot to make sure they had God in their lives?  Don’t get me wrong I love Thrive and we will continue to promote it BUT at the same time we have to spend just as much energy on promoting God and growing our relationship with him.

Many people make resolutions for each New Years, my resolution for 2016 was to lose weight to which I have lost about 30 pounds!   It is now time to think about my resolution for 2017.  While  I will keep losing weight, taking and promoting Thrive  – these will not be my resolution.  My resolution, and I am sure my husband will join me with this one, is to promote God and grow closer to Him!

By the way I took my first step in this today by reconnecting with a close friend and starting a Facebook group where we will be able to connect with others who are Saved by Grace.   I will be sharing more about this group over the next few weeks and months.  I am looking forward to the roll Robert and I will play in this group with discussions, Bible studies and various other outreaches!


Appointments Made by God

There are times in life where you just don’t understand exactly what you are going through and why you have to go through certain struggles.  I have been very vocal on my blog about the struggle I had in school, growing up.  There were times I couldn’t make heads or tails of the events going on around me.  I didn’t understand treatment by certain individuals, teachers and fellow students alike (friends and non-friends).  As young child and even teenagers,humans tend to question why they were born into the family they were born into, why they live where they live, why they look the way they do, and the list goes on because I believe children and teens were designed to question!  So as we go through the struggles I mentioned in the beginning we start questioning what is going on.  I know it sounds as though I am rambling a bit BUT I promise I have a point to make tonight, I just need to get some background information for you.  Let me tell you a story that has been many years in the making – an appointment God made years ago and then again recently.

Growing up I never saw myself as poor or rich, I had Jesus, a mom, a dad and a brother – a small family but a happy family.   Both of my parents worked, we attended church together every time the doors were opened , we always seemed to get the things we needed and many of the things we wanted. I can remember taking the best vacations, we went to Disney World when I was in second grade, we went to the mountains when I was in third grade and Cape Kennedy when I was in fourth grade.  The years we didn’t take big trips we had the BEST vacations ever — we went to Kingsley Beach and camped out!  I even had  a handful of friends who I felt like I could share everything with and be myself around.   I simply had a wonderful life!

Like I said, I had a handful of friends.  Well, there was this one friend — we called ourselves cousins, I am sure we are related somehow down the road–she was that one friend that we seemed to always be at each others houses.  If she wasn’t at my house, I was at her house — most of the time she was at my house because I didn’t like staying away from home.   My friend did everything with me, she seemed as part of the family!   Our friendship started when we were in Kindergarten and simply grew through Elementary school.   I am sure everyone has that friend from childhood that they have many memories with.   The list of memories I have with this friend starts with dress up, Sunday School, church, school, and many many more.    My friend and I seemed to be close for many years but in middle school we began drifting apart.  I thought we drifted because I was in band she was into softball – these two activities seemed to pull us into two different directions.  Before long this friend I shared many memories with as a child was simply a memory and a person I would see in the halls at school from time to time since we didn’t have classes together it was rare to cross paths otherwise.   Middle school came and went, high school came and went so did our friendship.  We both took different paths and our paths did not cross.

Fast forward to 21 years after high school (21 years OH MY GOSH, NO WAY!!!) my old friend moved back home – in the age and time of Facebook and Twitter, she and I had reconnected and communicated several times prior to her moving back home.   All of these years had passed and our lives went in different directions but one thing seemed to connect us after all this time an appointment God had made for us.   Today 21 years after high school my friend and I were able to start exercising together, by exercise I mean walk.  God had allowed for us to make a connection again after all of this time.   Little did I know there was a reason for this appointment, one that I had no clue about.  I will let my friend’s comments finish this story: “This morning I woke up a little nervous. You see I was saved in my mid 20s and my first desire was for God to place a few people back into my life so that I would be able to apologize for the things that I had done to them growing up. I didn’t realize until I was an adult that the hurt that was done to me I was doing to others (just in a different form). I remember growing up and going home with a friend. At this friends house she had a mom, a dad, and a brother in the home (unlike me). Her parents loved each other and showed it in every way possible. (unlike me). I remember she had a water bed and a record player. We would lay awake at night and listen to this one particular song. “Dear Mister Jesus”. It was a song told by a little girl about all the abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) children were going through and in the end she talks about how she is being abuse. Man how I wanted to tell my story. But instead of telling my story, I started resenting this friend and starting being really mean to her. I wanted what she had and didn’t understand what made her so special and not me. I was really mean to this friend and after a while I never spoke to her. fast forward MANY years. After being saved I prayed for God to put this particular person back into my life so that I could apologize to her face to face. Her and I kept making plans to meet up and walk but something just kept coming up BUT God gave me that opportunity today. When I woke up this morning I did some chores and then I got on my knees and started praying. I prayed God would provided the opportunity, the words, the wisdom, the peace, for me to be able to go through with it. AND HE DID. It took over 20 years but I apologized and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. It was an amazing feeling. If you ever have the opportunity to right your wrongs….pray about it and do it.”

Now, for the rest of the story, I didn’t remember any of the treatment she had to apologize for.   I had forgiven and forgotten about it a long time ago.  It has been erased from my memory to the point I can’t tell you a single thing she did to me which was mean (that is why it isn’t in my blog).   God is wonderful and truly does put people in your path for a reason!   Little did I back when I was a third, fourth and fifth grader my family and I were planting seeds which would manifest years later.   God is so awesome and I am so thankful I am being used by Him daily.  I am thankful my childhood friend has a close relationship with God now and is a great example for those around her.  The appointment God made for me today is one I could not have made myself — He has restored and healed!




Have you ever wanted to simply belong?  Belong in a group? Belong to a specific family? Have you had that longing to simply feel like you were a part of something special?  Is there that longing or a nagging that won’t go away?

I see it everyday in my classroom.  I have little girls and boys that want to be friends with other girls and boys, they want to “belong” to a special group of kids BUT they feel as though they are left out.   These little ones will do everything possible to belong but I always find myself having to talk with them about the type of friend they want and do they want a friend that treats them good only when they feel like it or do they want a friend who wants to be around them all the time and like them for who they are.

Well, it not only happens to little ones but it happens to adults too.  We want to feel as though we belong.  Tonight, as I write and open up to you, I find myself wanting to belong.  I want to feel as I belong in a place where I have always felt I belonged, I have a longing and desire which is hard to put into words but I know that many of my readers will understand.

My entire life, or from the time I was about 5 years old, I had a certain routine every Sunday morning.  There was a certain path I took once a week and many times up to three times a week.   I am sure by the time I was grown I could take this path blindfolded.  Not only did I have a path but I had a special schedule I followed each of these Sunday’s for over 30 years of my life!  I had a specific place to sit, stand and even a job(s) I did for the most part.  I belonged!   I am sure you probably know where I belonged, don’t you???  I belonged to a church family.  I knew without a doubt when I woke up on Sunday mornings I would be attending a specific church where I would see specific brothers and sisters in Christ.  I, also knew when I missed church there was a piece of the church missing.  I was part of a family bigger than me.

Two years ago I lost this feeling of belonging.  When we left Cedar Creek Church, I for the first time in my life did not have a church home.  I  embraced the opportunity to seek God, listen to where He wanted me and actually take a back seat and enjoy simply being a “seat warmer” for a while. I took this as my season to be fed and not to help feed others.  Well, here I am two years later and on my second church since Cedar Creek, finding myself wanting to belong!  Since leaving the place I called home for so many years, I have not found another place to call home and here I am now desiring that place to belong.

Tonight when Robert and I were running an errand around town, we had a conversation about things we needed to do tomorrow.  I had for the past month felt like I didn’t belong where we are currently attending but did not know how to address it to my husband…. Well tonight, I couldn’t hold it in any longer… I blurted it out, “I am ready to find a church where I feel like I belong!” I think I totally surprised him by my words.  My own husband didn’t expect to hear me say, “I want to belong”.  So if he was surprised I wonder how surprised God is by me longing to belong?

Here I am at almost 40 years old, taking the advise I give my students on a daily basis. I am asking the same questions I ask those third graders but instead of the word “friend” I am using the word “church” because I am ready to feel like I BELONG!


Moving Forward

The past few weeks I have slowly began walking again and working out 2 to 3 days a week.  I didn’t realize how far off the wagon I had fallen.  Who would have thought an injury would take this much out of someone — I know I didn’t!

I have decided to fully move forward I have to do what I have been dreading for the past year or so — getting on the scale and weighing.  Where would I be?  How much had I truly gained?  How much damage did I truly do to my body?  While walking with Robert the other day a lot of these questions came up and the reality of the unknown and needing to get my self moving in the right direction became real.  Robert kept threatening to interview me so I could post it here but I somehow got out of it; I think he felt bad for me.

After making the decision on Monday to weigh and see how far I had made it backwards I had one more melt down about my weight and my clothes to which my husband, Robert Sharpe, told me, ” I love you but I cannot feel sorry for you anymore.  It is time for you to take action and make a change.  If you are not willing to get out and do what you need to do (which I know what he is talking about) then don’t expect me to feel bad for you.  I love you and hate to see you like this but the decision to change is up to you.” Hearing those words fired something up in me and I took my first step!

Today was my second step, I weighed in!   This second step was painful, stressful and blood pressure raising (seriously) BUT in the end the good news was I had only gained 10 pounds in the past year but the bad news was I HAD GAINED 10 POUNDS IN THE LAST YEAR!  I also, took my third step today which was to set a goal for where I want to be.   My very first goal was to be able to go down these 10 pounds by camp out which happens to be 3 weeks away.   My larger goal deals with me losing over 120 pounds and I know that will take time, patience and a lot of work.

Tonight I am ending with a very special side note and request.  There is a young lady I taught a few years back who happens to be in the hospital tonight.  She has been in the hospital for the past 9 days or so.   She has lost her vision, has high white blood counts and several other struggles.  She had a procedure today to relieve pressure on her brain and prayerfully help restore her vision.   This precious girl, Summer, has always been full of life and her smile will brighten anyone’s day. Please pray the doctors are able to get to the bottom of what is causing Summer all of these problems.  Also, say a prayer for her parents- I know this has to be stressful seeing your sweet child hurt and not being able to do anything for her.



Who Knows My Name?

A few weeks back Robert and I were honored to attend the baptism of our niece, Cecilia.  That Sunday, the church my brother and his family attends had a quest speaker.  The speaker made a comment which has stuck with me and has really made me think.  He said, “People like to know that others know their name.” He then proceeded to give an example where a group of little children got all excited because he knew their names.

At the time this statement didn’t stick out to me.  I knew the minister was ultimately talking about God knowing our name — which I know without a doubt He knows my name, so I didn’t put much weight into that statement until a little while later.   Having someone know my name is important, I know many of my followers know who I am, my friends and my co-workers know who I am but is that all?

I have spent much of my life being shy, introverted and at times very recluse.  Heck for the first  _____ year of my life, help me here Stasi with the exact number, I didn’t speak for myself. I would have someone else talk for me.  I wonder how much being this way has hurt and hindered me in my life and in my faith.  How many people out there don’t know who I am because I stayed in the shadows and very rarely stepped out in the spotlight?  Who really knows my name after all these years?  Am I still known just as Bobby and Geraldine’s grand-daughter? Willie and Ella Mae’s grand-daughter? Wayne and Margaret Ann’s daughter? Roberts’ wife? Who out there really knows my name?

*Sorry if my post are deep here lately — I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past little bit to help me in my weight-loss journey.*

Up next:  All About Me



Share Time

Goodness, where has time gone?  It seems just like yesterday Robert and I began to seek  God about our housing situation.  Here we are two years later living in our dream house, made possible only by the grace of GOD!  The past few months I have been working on putting together a video to share with you.  The video documents, through pictures, our house from the very beginning to where we are today!  I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I have to admit, I was brought to tears as I put together our video!

Also, one confession about our weight loss journey!   Robert is down several pounds where me on the other hand —- I am scared to get on the scales, scared what the scales will show.  I know from the shopping I did today, the scales will show me something I don’t want to see and don’t know if I am ready to see!

I was asked the other day a few questions and a few  of these questions happened to be, “What habits do you need to say goodbye to the most? Make a list. What do you need to do more?”  It was followed up by “When you know what your temptations/weaknesses are, then we will work towards how to make the choices to avoid or say no to them.”

Since being asked those questions I have thought really hard about it.   Over the next few days I will be documenting a list of habits I need to say goodbye to.  I hope you will following along as I pour my heart out to my readers and document my struggles and successes over the next little, let’s be real here — the next long, while!



I remember back my freshman year of college, 20 years ago now — where has time gone, I was given a writing assignment which I had to write about my sanctuary. The professor told us our sanctuary could be a favorite spot, our safe spot or any location which brought us serenity. I can remember so vividly writing about my sanctuary, I remember identifing, describing it and longing to be back at that spot. The spot I identified 20 years ago as my sanctuary was a childhood location which was filled with memories.  It was a spot where I would spend time with my parents and grandparents, fishing and enjoying each others company.  Thinking back to this assignment I wish I would have identified another location as my sanctuary, a location which holds just as many memories (if not more), I spent most of my free time growing up there with family and friends. I guess 20 years ago I just didn’t realize how precious this location was to me and how much of a sanctuary it really was or would become to me.

The past few days I have not been able to clear my mind of this place, I have even dreamt of it. So, I figure writing and sharing about this place will help me stop thinking about it so much, even though I wonder why it is in my thoughts these days.

My sanctuary is a small white building in the country. It is not just any white building, it is a building my family (my uncle, grandpa and dad) came apon, rehabbed it back to life and spent many hours at for over thirty years.  I can still remember watching members of my family hammering away, rebuilding the wooden stage area and picture so vividly the old piano, which was falling apart due to termites and other insect infestation, being removed to make room for a new one. This building would see many people come and go thru the thirty years, it heard many heartfelt cries, shared laughter and along the way saw many lives changed. The building isn’t as small anymore, it was renovated throughout the years, it even now has indoor bathrooms (I could tell you a few stories about having to use it’s outhouse – but will save that for later) and a kitchen ready to be used. The little white building was a place I could fully be me. I felt welcome to express myself to the fullest. This white building even saw me overcome my fear of people and overcome by shyness.

I know deep down the lessons on life I learned while sitting on the wooden benches and later the soft cushioned benches came from a source much greater than this little white building.  A building is simply a building and is only as great as those who occupy it, in this case the building I am talking about is a house of God. My sanctuary in life is truly a living, breathing sanctuary. It is where I became a Christian, developed and grew as a Christian. My sanctuary is even where I met my husband!  It is this small church next to a cemetery in Sanderson, Florida. I, to this day can still smell the inside of the sanctuary, I can feel the pews, the floor and the wood of the custom made pulpit,  see the people and items which made up this church. This little church holds so many happy memories also holds bitter sweet and sad memories for me.

It has been a year and a half since I last stepped foot into my sanctuary, I have visited many other churches since my last song in that little church and yet I still struggle to find a place which allows me to feel free and welcomes me the way the little white church did.  I know our time in this building is over and God is wanting us to move on to bigger and better things (maybe this is why this place hangs so strong on my mind the past few days) to serve Him in a different capacity and find new friends along the way!

While I sit here reminiscening (and crying)  on my life and that small white church from my childhood and adulthood, I can’t help but realize how much I took this place and it’s people for granted all of my life. While it was always important to me and helped me become who I am today, I sure wish I would have not taken it for granted and would have embraced and loved it a little bit more.

My sanctuary is now occupied by new tenants. There is a new pastor and even new parishioners attending there now but I still dream of the time I was one of the members who sat on the third row on the right side of the church. I was the little girl learning the books of the Bible, memorizing Psalms 23, Psalms 100, John 3:16-17 (just for starters) and learning to sing the old hymns from the red Church Hymnal.  I was the adult who worked with the youth, helped organize Women Conferences, sang praises to God and most importantly worshiped God. Now all I have left are memories which I hang on to tightly and am saddened that I won’t be able to raise my children in the little white church.

As I think back to my assignment I was given 20 years ago, I wonder why I didn’t say my sanctuary was, Cedar Creek Church. …….

“I Am Proud of You”

Many of you are aware, Robert and I set out on a journey yesterday.  This journey was very out of character for me!  It put me in a place of exposure, a place I wasn’t sure I was ready to be.   Yes, you know we auditioned for The Biggest Loser! Robert and I woke up yesterday morning around 3:00 and headed to Atlanta where we stood in line for over 5 hours in the heat and humidity.  The line for the audition wrapped a city block, which in Atlanta is gigantic!  While we were waiting for hours on end we were able to talk with individuals around us, hear their stories, and simply people watch.  The people watching was so much fun, LOL!   I realized while standing in line that no matter how rough our past 2 years have been with our up and down struggles there were people out there who had worse struggles!

I know and believe there was a reason we went to Atlanta.  There were too many details which had to fall right into place.  Then when we were praying and seeking God the hardest about if we needed to go or not, we received a phone call!   The phone call came from California and it was the producers of the show asking us to attend auditions! Looking around at all the people in line, I began to wonder if all of this was for nothing BUT then I reminded myself that God had opened a door for us and only He could close it.  Now, looking back, I wonder why did God open the door for us, what is He trying to teach us?

Finally after FIVE long hours in the sun and heat we made it to our interview!   Our interview with ten other individuals, WHAT?!?!?!?!   Surely this had to be  a mistake, nope, no mistake!   I found myself in a daze, here we had stood in line all this time to have an interview with The Biggest Loser and we had to share our time with ten other people!  The biggest shocker was we only had seventy seconds to tell our story!   Seriously!  Seventy seconds is not enough time and was not enough time to tell our story, to show our personality and to persuade them we were the next Biggest Loser!   So, after sitting down, hearing others stories, it was time to share my story.  What should I say, what would I say, what did I say?!?  I simply told the truth, the simple truth!  This was my story, my shortened story (I had more to tell but in less a minute what all can you say):

I have been overweight my entire life.   I actually weigh now what I weighed as a freshman in high school.   All of this extra weight leads to one thing in school and that is what I seemed to get a lot.   From being slapped in the face every afternoon on the bus , to always being picked on by students and teachers — much of it was hidden and not visible to everyone.  Many times I felt as though I was invisible and worth very little.  Now, I find myself teaching in the county and school district I escaped from after graduation, the one I swore I would never come back to.  I want to be a role model for the students I teach, after all I teach in the unhealthiest  county in Florida.  I want to show these little ones I teach, that you can overcome your circumstances of growing up in a low income community and an unhealthy community and be SO much more!

I wondered from the time I left the interview room  if I said enough BUT I mean I only had a few seconds to talk — actually less than the seventy seconds, I was told I would have.  I pondered if my story of wanting to give back was enough!   Robert had assured me it had to be!   He said I was the only one who even mentioned giving back — everyone else simply mentioned their struggles!

 So when I went to bed at 1:00 A.M. this morning, waiting on a phone call back from the producers, to which I am still waiting on (we were told they would be making call backs between Saturday and Monday) I felt a peace that no matter what happens I placed myself out there.  I did something, I normally wouldn’t do — I made myself vulnerable!   I did what I knew I was supposed to do — I went through the door God opened for me.

But to make sure I understood He was pleased with me and I did what I was supposed to do, this morning – early, very early – I heard these words directly from God, ” I Am Proud of You!

Robert and I.  Our second anniversary picture.

Robert and I. Our second anniversary picture.

My Journey to You Part 3

Hopefully I have not lost everyone on my journey. If you are thinking it took me a long time to get to Robert, imagine how I felt! After I began to have realization of the man God had purposed for me, I felt as though it was taking forever to find him. I kept praying, seeking God for guidance along my journey and I continued my activity in the Singled out by Grace Singles Ministry almost every night.

Being a member of a very active singles ministry meant I was interacting with many individuals on a daily basis pretty much. Our group would have discussions and we all became friends encouraging each other as we all took this journey as single Christian adults together. The interactions I had included men and women. One specific man I found myself interacting with a little more every week with one certain individual, but at the time I did not connect the dots.

Summer came and summer went, I was still looking for the man God had for me, the one He had promised to me. I really questioned why he had not come yet, I wondered what I had done wrong, what I was not doing right. My mind was spinning, and being the type of person I am my brain always kept working overtime reviewing everything from the previous three to four months. Still, I could not figure out why God had not helped me find the man He promised me. Then one night in October, on the Florida / Georgia game night — GO GATORS!!!! — I visited my grandma’s church for their annual sing (the irony in all of this we currently are attending this EXACT SAME church) and I heard a song. The song I heard put everything in my life and all the events which had happened to me over the course of the last year and a half in perspective. Being a singer, I had heard this specific song many times but never had I applied it to my life.

I have discovered many times it is easy to sing and preach the word we know others need to hear but when it comes to us listening and actually hearing the message in the words we sing or speak, it is hard to deal with these words. This is what had happened to me, it was easy for me to sing the words, encourage others but for me it was hard for me to listen to the words I sang and gain encouragement from it that is why it was so important for me to hear the song, “Lay My Issac Down” and listen to the words. The night I visited my grandma’s church I actually heard and understood the message in the song — I realized I had to be willing to give to God all the dreams and hopes I had for myself so I could do the will of God. I had to be like Abraham when he was willing to sacrifice his promised son to show God he trusted Him. I, too, had to be willing to give all of my trust to God and rely on Him and His timing, even if that meant giving up on the promise and dream of having a husband and children. At that moment I knew what I had to do, I had to make a sacrifice and give it all to God and that is exactly what I did. That was a Saturday… the following Tuesday, election day 2012, I bet you cannot guess what happened…

On Election Day 2012 I received a comment on a post I had made on Facebook. You are now saying so what?!? Well, this comment came from someone in Singled Out by Grace, this comment came from Robert D. Sharpe! When I read this comment, instantly I heard these words, I know they came from no one else but God, “That is the one!” When I heard these words I instantly reviewed in my head all of the comments made to me along the way on how I would know my future husband was the correct man God had for me. Oh my gosh! Robert met all of these “requirements”!!!!!!! The next few days and weeks I prayed and sought God like never before. Then one Friday night I saw a rather sad looking post from Robert and I simply sent him a message asking if he was okay.

From that Friday until today, we have talked to each other every single day – we have not missed a single day in over 2 years! We have developed a love and a friendship that is far above what I had ever imagined possible! I can say with pure confidence I have married my best friend and we become better friends as the days go by no matter what trials we seem to face — all because we know where I relationship began, in the palms of God!