Thrive Skepticism

This is Chana’s husband Robert.


While I went to the bathroom, Chana loaded her blog on our laptop. I’d told her that I was ready to blog again. After all, like so many things, she shares this blog with me. When I feel the urge to blog about our life together or our weight loss journey, she’ll willingly turn it over to me for a bit.

What I found upon returning was a surprise. It was a funny surprise, but a surprise none-the-less. It’s the picture up above. Yes it’s funny and even I laughed at it myself. She said, “let everyone get a look at the fun loving side of your personality” People who only know me from a distance or know me from school don’t often see that side of my personality.

People, however, also didn’t see the pain that followed this trip to Saint Augustine and nearly derailed my entire Summer. There were other pictures taken on historic Saint George during this fun trip to St. Augustine. It was supposed to be such a relaxing time, a fun time, and a time to reconnect with some of my siblings and my mama. It was indeed all of that and more! As a matter of fact, everything was terrific until we came back home.

The first picture I saw wasn’t the silly upper torso shot above. It was one of the pictures taken early on during the trip down Saint George Street. It was the picture below.


I wasn’t TRYING to get in shape for this trip, in particular, but I had really busted my butt to get in great shape to avoid embarrassment at school and to be in great shape for the Summer.

At school, the first couple of kids patting my stomach wasn’t too bad. I knew I wasn’t doing anything to really lose and keep the weight off. Therefor, I couldn’t be too upset. After a while though, it really began to hurt with the little ones. They’re honest to a fault and mostly mean no harm. They’re just making an observation. They don’t realize that they’re going to hurt your feelings. However, I secretly wondered how many of the older kids and my fellow teachers thought the same thing, but didn’t say so due to their manners. Then the pats and the comments continued even as I worked extremely hard first walking, then interval training, doing situps, doing pushups, using heavy limbs in the yard to do bicep curls, mowing our grass and sometimes my in-laws grass with a push mower.

Considering I didn’t start exercising until early February, I didn’t expect to be in tip top shape by early  June. The thoughts of a Summer in Florida at the beach, at the lakes, at the springs really compelled me to bust my behind and even feel like a moron curling tree limbs in my backyard…… oh my gosh… WoW ! Men practically spend their entire Summer here without a shirt! I’d become a true Floridian at the beach, at the lakes, at the springs laughing at tourists and enjoying the water with my beautiful wife Chana.

This was indeed a new life for me here in Florida. During the previous 10 + years, I’d barely worn a pair of shorts much less swam. In fact, the only place I wore shorts was in private at home.

However, here’s the biggest reason for my disappointment. This wasn’t my first failed attempt to lose weight. I’d been a contestant two different times in a “Biggest Loser” contest back in Georgia. During the first attempt in 2011, I hadn’t lost any weight in 6 weeks, I dropped out of the program. During the second attempt in 2012, I was personally invited back by the program coordinator. She thought the 2nd time might be the charm for me. I went in believing in myself the 2nd time and taking it MUCH more seriously! The result: I  completed the 12 week program where I lost a whopping 10 pounds doing interval training, aerobics, running up hills, doing football like drills using railroad crossties, etc, etc.  This time I made some changes to my diet, as well. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment on the coordinator’s face when she compared my starting and ending weight. It’s amazing that I didn’t let that get me down. I kept at it even harder for an additional 8 weeks. I lost another 5 pounds. The final result was a total weight loss of 15 pounds in 20 weeks.

Keep in mind that I started at 250 pounds. At that weight, I could easily gain or lose 5 pounds in a day. In my mind, I’d lost. I’d failed a second time. I’d let down the program coordinator who had waived my fee and who had believed in me!…… During college, I’d worked out at a Gold’s Gym. The words of my trainer once again rang out in my head,  no matter how hard you work here, you’ll never reach your goals as long as you stop at the KFC down the street. Back then, I was still young and still able to get away with a little Popeyes, a little Taco Bell, a little Arbys, or Chinese food. I’d show him….. Although, in the end and he wouldn’t be too happy about this, I guess he showed me!

There I stood looking at that picture. Soon those other failed attempts came to mind. If you’re keeping score, that’s 3 failed attempts in 5 years.

Before we tried Thrive, we took a nutritional supplement that was supposed to help curb my diabetes, aid in pain tolerance, and help us LOSE weight. We were on it for 4 months and I changed my diet… we changed our diet…we walked….  , but I, nor Chana, lost the weight………. again

Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of our journey though Praise the Lord! In late August, Chana began talking to me about a product that a lot of people here locally were taking to send their energy level through the roof, aid in pain relief, offer mental clarity, and possibly help us lose weight. My first thoughts must have been, “oh no…. NOT another cure-all…not another snake oil!”

There were all of these locals on Facebook promoting different weight loss products. My thoughts were things like, “They have the genetics that allow them to lose weight. They have a race horse metabolism vs. my ( in Dana Carvey’s voice) turrrttlle turrrttlle metabolism. They were never really overweight to start with.. They don’t have diabetes like me. It’s just another way for them to supplement their income. ” Now granted, by and large, I never thought they were dislikeable, dishonest, or otherwise despicable, I just thought it “wasn’t for me”

Chana just said that I was finishing up week 14 on Thrive!

As an adult, I sold internet and cable t.v. one time to survive. That’s the ONLY thing I’ve sold as an adult. I’m a skeptical person and REFUSE to put my integrity on the line for something that doesn’t work.  FOLKS, I don’t need to sell this product to survive. We were making it just fine financially before Thrive. I’m trying to sell this product to you to revive your QUALITY of life folks! I want to help you, but you must trust what I’m telling you.

Excruciating sciatica —- >  gone

Energy level —- > improved

Stomach problems —– > greatly reduced

Mental Clarity  —> improved

Weight —->  started at 260 and now 230 lbs.

Are you ready to try a sample?

You’re running out of excuses. In June, at the beach, at the lake, at the springs, don’t look back and wish you’d taken that first step ! Don’t delay contact Chana today!


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