You want me to do what?!?

My morning routine is very simple and I am rather OCD about how I do even the smallest things. Since I am so OCD about my routine when someone, even my sweet and handsome husband, ask me to do something different it cause me to hesitate and panic just a little. This is what happened this morning, which has led me to the opportunity to blog tonight.

My morning routine every morning follows the same routine: after waking up, praying and taking my Thrive supplements I get dressed for the day, I promise not to give too much info so I will start after I am ready for the day.  I make our protein shakes, sit down at the table, pray again asking for God’s guidance through the day, bless our shakes and the scripture I will read. Then, I read my Bible (normally a chapter a day) while drinking my shake.  After reading my Bible and drinking my shake I get our lunch ready, my shoes on and am rushing out the door.

This routine happens every morning, no fail!  I even find time to tell Robert what time it is and we need to hurry, I hate being late.  This morning this was my routine almost step by step. Well this morning Robert had to throw a kink into my day. While he was driving to work, we always talk about our plans for the day and about up coming events. This morning instead of talking our normal talk Robert told me, “I think you need to pray for us this morning.”

Instantly, I froze and started thinking, ‘doesn’t he realize  I have already prayed for us not once BUT twice!’, to which I knew he did. The silence had to have been ackward, because I am rarely quiet.

Almost immediately, I realized why I had to pray… I was “tested” while trying to send a text message for a very OCD husband.  Goodness, did I need the patience I prayed God would give us for the day.  When we got to school I hit the ground running with one issue after the other, to which several were MAJOR issues, which I don’t think I have ever had to deal with before. Let me just say I have gained even more respect for our Administration for all their work on one certain situation today, they are truly the best!  I definitely needed God to shine His light through me to shine for the little ones to see, and this was just the beginning!

I realized by the end of the day, God had guided Robert in asking me to pray.  Robert could have easily said another prayer for us but God realized I needed to taste the words which would help me over come a crazy day. These words were a constant reminder to me during  the day. While there were more words to my prayer than for our day, God has shown me that He is on control and like the song goes, “If you believe it, if you receive it….. If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker”.


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