Share Time

Goodness, where has time gone?  It seems just like yesterday Robert and I began to seek  God about our housing situation.  Here we are two years later living in our dream house, made possible only by the grace of GOD!  The past few months I have been working on putting together a video to share with you.  The video documents, through pictures, our house from the very beginning to where we are today!  I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I have to admit, I was brought to tears as I put together our video!

Also, one confession about our weight loss journey!   Robert is down several pounds where me on the other hand —- I am scared to get on the scales, scared what the scales will show.  I know from the shopping I did today, the scales will show me something I don’t want to see and don’t know if I am ready to see!

I was asked the other day a few questions and a few  of these questions happened to be, “What habits do you need to say goodbye to the most? Make a list. What do you need to do more?”  It was followed up by “When you know what your temptations/weaknesses are, then we will work towards how to make the choices to avoid or say no to them.”

Since being asked those questions I have thought really hard about it.   Over the next few days I will be documenting a list of habits I need to say goodbye to.  I hope you will following along as I pour my heart out to my readers and document my struggles and successes over the next little, let’s be real here — the next long, while!



Words from Robert

I know he will probably get me for this but I found this post my husband made tonight and just had to share.  These words rang true as I read.  I believe we are in this together!


“When I was growing up, I was active and played several sports. I ate like a horse. I was able to get away with it, because of the activity and a teenager’s metabolism. I was 170 lbs as a high school Junior and then 185 lbs as a Senior in high school. My weight fluctuated between 160-190 for the next 5 years. Once I quit exercising in my 20’s, I quickly ballooned from 190 to 215 in about 6 months time.

I gained and lost numerous times over the years. I even saw the beginning of some abs at 30 years old.

I let emotional experiences derail me wit every lof style change….new relationships, the breakup of a relationship, disappointments, etc. sidetracked me.

During the year leading up to meeting my wife Chana, I lost some weight. The exercise started off pretty, well, really rough. I went through a fitness bootcamp/ YMCA biggest loser. I thought for sure I was going to vomit in the bushes on the first night. I cold never quite keep up though out the 12 weeks. The other participants were much younger than me and in much better shape. I was determined not to be defeated by the exercises….. running up hills, suicides, spinning classes, intense aerobics, running laps……

Although my diet was way off, I got in terrific aerobic shape! My stomach began to shrink. I began to take flight! I ended the course working out on my own running hills that were MUCH steeper than those we started out on that first night. I flew up the hill, ran down the side, and then repeated again at full speed. After a few more weeks, I wanted steeper hills, but that hill was the steepest at the YMCA! I still felt like I could conquer the world! People who saw me on the street for the first time probably thought of me as out-of-shape, because I was still 240 lb!!!

THAT was only 4 short years ago! I quit about 3 months before Chana and I began to date. hmm.. If I attack exercise with the same intensity, consume a clean diet, and supplement, what could I accomplish even at 255 lbs.? What would I look like under all this weight? What health problems could I reverse? ..diabetes, high b.p., muscle aches, a sleep disorder, and digestive issues…How would I feel with less weight, better health, and able to tackle mountains this time?”

Robert, we can do this!!


I Survived

Last night was the season premiere of Biggest Loser, Temptation Nation.  I was eager to watch primarily  (here is a confession coming) to see what I missed out on. Deep down I felt this pain and desire to be there.  I really was surprised by my emotions as I began to watch.

I had been told several times over the past months Robert and I were simply not overweight enough for the show.  As it would turn out, as I watched the show, there were several contestants smaller than us and stories that did not match ours.  I also noticed, yes I was very observant last night,  many of the contestants were from Georgia and a handful from Florida.  I think that realization hurt bad.  I began wondering/questioning again why we weren’t good enought for this show.  What about our story didn’t make us good enough?!?

Yes, as I watched the show, I cried along with the contestants — I couldn’t help it!  Here comes another confession ladies and gentlemen. … I also cried a few tears and wanted to cry even more out of self pity.  I really suffered from the want and desire to change our lives and the lives of those around us, what is wrong with wanting to give my community something to be proud of?!?

After all being said, I survived the season premiere last night.  I enjoyed watching the changes the show made, how cool would it have been to be part of those changes!