End of summer

I have come to the end of my summer, I have to return to work tomorrow!  I am sitting here reflecting on my summer, what was I able to accomplish, what did I leave undone, and many more pondering thoughts.

This summer I had a few goals in mind to accomplish. One of these goals was to get my foot well and back at 100%. Another goal was to get moved into our house. I also, had the normal teacher goals like getting my classroom ready, developing new strategies to use in my classroom and various other things.

Having decided to get my foot well, meant I had to stay off of it for most of the summer. Having to stay off my foot meant I had to push many other things on my summer to do list back. Staying off my foot also gave me a lot  of time to think, which in my situation can be dangerous. I was able to think about any and everything! I have for the most part stayed off of my foot, but unfortunately my foot does not seem to be much better. I have days where I feel like I could conquer the world, then there are days where just the thought of pressure being put on it makes me cringe.

My next goal was to get us moved into our house. While sitting with my feet propped up all I could do was dream about being in our house.  Well, here we are in mid August and still no house.  The good news is our house will be finished in a few weeks and then the moving will begin. Who is ready to attend a moving party?

As far as the goals for my classroom, I was able to get a few projects ready and am excited to share them with my class  I, just like most teachers, feel summer was too short to get all my school projects finished so I will be staying up late to get it all finished.

Other thoughts which are swimming in my head are all about the adventure and quest I set out on this summer.  I wonder why doors were opened for Robert and I , to simply be slammed in our faces? What other opportunities are out there for us? Will I ever reach my goals? In the weeks following our trip to Atlanta, I have noticed I struggle when I watch weight loss shows.  I wonder what it will take for me to lose and be successful. I question why it couldn’t be me getting the help I need and want? After all of my thoughts, I realize how much I am loved and no matter what I  think about myself, how I view myself, even love myself, there are individuals all around me who truly love and care for me no matter what!