House Update

I apparently am not doing a great job keeping everyone updated about our house – this week alone I have had numerous individuals ask me about the progress!  Our house should be finished in about 20 – 25 days!!   We are starting to get excited about the progress.   They have painted the outside and most of the inside of the house.  The builder told Robert and I last week they were waiting on the cabinets to be delivered.  The cabinets apparently are holding up many other aspects such as flooring, plumping, etc. — you know like the MAJOR items.    This week we have decided on the fireplace design we want and the appliance package we want.   Heads up, if you are in the market for appliances check out most big box retailers right now and their 4th of July sale.  The appliances we have picked are, yes I am serious right now, Samsung!!!   God allowed a friend to come across a 4th of July sale where the Samsung appliance package was below our appliance allowance!!!!! We serve an awesome God!  As our house is coming close to being finished we are enjoying picking out new items to fill our house and we are having fun figuring out how to re-purpose the items we had in our previous house.   I believe minus a few items we have all the diesigning ideas ready and most of the items needed to design.

While we are excited and becoming impatient for our house to be ready, I am also reminded about the road which brought us to where we are today.   God has been so merciful to bring us through so many trials and we are stronger today then we were two years ago when we were first married.  Now, as we are closing in on our house being finished we are busy packing, cleaning and preparing for our first night in our new house.  Robert is also preparing for a new job, maybe!    This job is another miracle from God!!   Robert was offered a job several weeks ago and all that stands in the way of Robert and this job is a grant.  The company is expecting to hear from the grant July 1st.   We are claiming this job and speaking as if it is Robert’s!!   Please everyone pray the funding comes through so Robert can begin this job August 1st!  Once again, two  years into our marriage we may have a lot of new beginnings — a new house and a possible new job for Robert!!  I wonder what else will come our way in our 3rd year of marriage which will bring even more new into our lives?!?!?!

Today we are thankful for all the new, for all the answered prayers, for all the blessings.  We are praying God will guide our footsteps as we start this new phase of our life and marriage.

BTW here are a few pictures of our house as of today!   Until next time!!!!

DSCN5195 DSCN5191 DSCN5190 DSCN5189  DSCN5179