Our House Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House….

So much has been going on with our house I feel like I can’t sit down and catch everyone up because things change on a daily basis!  The last time I wrote I let you know we had finally closed on our house but the past few weeks things have really started to take shape and oh man oh my it seems to me we have a house on our hands.   It is surprising to me that last year at this time we were contemplating finding a house to rent and here we are today with our house going up!

I have to admit, building a house scared the daylights out of me –  I have heard so many scary stories about the building process, the stress associated with the building process and issues which may arise.  But here we are two/three months into the actual building of our house and I can honestly say (I think Robert would agree with me) it has been a wonderful process.   It is exciting to see our dreams coming to life!

I have often thought how can I take these past two years, our experiences and use them to help others find hope and not give up when they are faced with struggles.   Watching our house take shape, our dreams start to unfold and our journey of being homeless come to an end I know now more than ever I have to make sure our experience is one which gives others hope.   I really believe after watching this process I can almost relate our life the past two years to the way our house is built.  The building process is a great example of life in general — but it is precise to what Robert and I have faced together since we were married in 2013.  (Keep your eyes open for a post later on about the building process — hey I think it even would make a great sermon for any of my preacher friends out there.

Here are a few shots to show the progress of our house from the start up to the current point:

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