List… I am a person who LOVES to make list.  Every year before school starts you could walk into my classroom and see a running list on my board of everything I need to do before my students arrive.   When I travel I  begin making list and planned budget 6+ months before I leave.   When Robert and I got married I used an entire notepad with a variety of list.  What can I say, I like to have all of my ducks in a row.   Well obviously I am rubbing off on Robert — he just told me yesterday, “We need to start a list!”

The builder has been busy working on our house, the past two weeks we went from dirt on the ground to a structure which resembles the blue prints.  We are able to walk around and see where various rooms are going to be and are taking shape.   With so much work taking place it really hit home that we will be in our house in just a few months. It will not be long before we will be moving in.  This realization led Robert to his comment — he began to realize we had to make a list of all the important items we need to purchase for our house.  Over the past few months we have been buying extras of various items needed for the house and we have been checking this off of the needs before we move in the house list but now we need a different list — a list of more importance.

Thinking about these lists made me start thinking on a deeper level, how many times do we make list in our lives but yet that is all we do, make list.  Do we make sure the items on our list of life are arranged according to priority, importance or need?  Do we make sure we include on our daily list prayer, family, friends or is all on a selfish list of wants.   We cannot forget about living the life God has given us and be so focused of simply checking off a list.  We have to embrace this life and sometimes go off the list and enjoy!  We cannot live by a list or we will become overwhelmed, stressed and tire too fast!   I have decided to love the life I live and not to stress so much over all of my lists, even though I am in the process of making this list for my house 🙂


Will It Ever Happen

Our land dedication came and went in early January.  We were overjoyed to have our church family help celebrate the land God gave us and help pray over it asking for God’s blessing on our lives.   We have dealt with our builder whom we LOVE!!  They were making the process easy, I have heard horror stories how building a house is horrible.  Our builders, Hendricks Custom Homes, which are owned by individuals I went to school with from the time we were in Elementary School, make the entire building process fun and interesting — they seem to take the stress out of it all.  They may make the stress of building the house easy but the stress of financing only the bank could take that stress away!!

After our land dedication service we worked closely with the builder picking out all of the design details of our house throughout the month of January.   The vision of our house was really starting to fall in place!  The one area which the assurance of being finished and over was the finances.  This was the area I seemed to pray the hardest.  I knew that only God could make us go from homeless to homeowners.  We had been approved for our house in January and here it is now the end of February and we had not been told we would be able to close the middle of February.   I truly felt like we were being slammed every time we turned around and being delayed.   Robert kept reassuring me that all things would be fine but here I had prayed so hard over this area of our house and it seemed as though it was falling down around me.   The builder even reminded me that God sometimes delays things for a reason and that He had a purpose behind all the delays!   BUT still here I was growing impatient…. Let’s go figure!!  But I still wondered if our house would ever happen, would it come to be.

Well the day,  March 14, 2015, finally arrived and we were able to FINALLY close on our house,  yes,  I said OUR house!!!   It may have been exactly a month behind what we had originally had scheduled but in the end the delays really were worth the wait.  God had, just like I had been told by my husband and our builder, bigger things on tap for us.  He had a lower interest rate for starters waiting on us and secondly a lower house payment!!!!!   Once again all I can say is we serve an awesome God!!!   Look how when I was limiting Him and what He could do for us — HE showed up and showed out.   I really can’t begin to fathom HIS love for us and the grandeur of all He has planned for us.

Coming soon… a house takes shape!