Land Dedication

I know it has been a while since I was last here — we are in testing season at school and I am so tired when I get home everyday!   Robert keeps telling me I have a disorder with side effects of exhaustion, restlessness, stress and irritability and it is called standardized testing!

So much has happened since I last wrote!  I will try and catch you up as much as possible.   When I last wrote, I let you know we had found out we had been approved for our house.   After finding out the exciting news we decided right away we wanted to have a land dedication service.  Many of you will ask what a land dedication service is… well it is simply a prayer service where the land is prayed over and God is praised for all He has done and will done.   In our case we were doing this in honor for all God has done for us.   We knew we needed to give Him honor and praise for the gift of a home.

Many people I know have never heard of a land dedication service, but  after the struggles we have had over the past 16 months and the strength God has given us to help us overcome these struggles we had to give Him the glory and praise.   Robert and I want the world to know that all the blessings which have been given to us and all we have is only thanks to God.  If not for God then all we have and will have would not be possible.   Then enemy has given all he has to try and prevent us from overcoming and being victorious.  I really think it is a test much like Job from the Bible had to face — would we turn our backs or stay strong no matter what was brought our way or said to or about us.   Job refused to turn his back even though his wife told him just to curse God and die.  His friends even told him all he was going through was because of something he did — were they all wrong!!   In our case all those which may have said what we have struggles with is a result of something we have done — they too are wrong!   We are proof, just like Job, that no matter what trials we face, God will remain number one in our lives.   So this dedication service was all apart of sharing our victory with the world and praying for God to continue blessing us.

The prayers going up for us on this day all resounded praise and thanksgiving for all that God has done.  There are times even when we are giving praise and thanks, God will speak and show more.  This is exactly what happened on this Sunday in January.  After the group of individuals from church prayed with us and for us, God revealed to us our house would be more than just a place for us to live — it would be a safe haven for individuals.  Matter of fact our preacher told us God showed him our house would help serve young people.  He saw a house where young individuals could come, feel safe and learn of God.   This did not come as a surprise to Robert and I.   Since the summer when the land was being cleared, Robert told me he keep seeing a church in the exact same spot we decided to build a house!!!   This word from our pastor was just confirmation of what God had already showed Robert!  Even though we were building a house on this land it could be used to worship God.

Sometimes in our darkest hours God will speak and reveal things to us. If we will only listen, trust and believe in what God shows us in these times we as Christians will have a goal to fight toward!  Thank God for showing us our mission, goal and helping us be that beacon of light which shines God’s love to those around us!DSCN9898 DSCN9899 DSCN9900 DSCN9901 DSCN9902 DSCN9903 DSCN9904 DSCN9905 DSCN9906 DSCN9907 DSCN9908 DSCN9909 DSCN9910 DSCN9911 DSCN9912 DSCN9913 DSCN9914 DSCN9915 DSCN9916 DSCN9917 DSCN9918 DSCN9919 DSCN9920 DSCN9921 DSCN9922 DSCN9923 DSCN9924 DSCN9925 DSCN9926 DSCN9927 DSCN9928 DSCN9929 DSCN9930 DSCN9931 DSCN9932 DSCN9933 DSCN9934 DSCN9935 DSCN9936 DSCN9937



Have you ever struggled to sleep at night because your brain simply won’t turn off?  If you have then you understand the place I am in right now.  It is currently 4:35 a.m. on a Monday morning and I am wide awake.  I have been wide awake all night, every time I try and close my eyes for sleep all I can do is see and think about everything going on around me! 

The past few weeks I have really be struggling with a variety of issues.  Here we are getting ready to close on our house and I can’t get excited because of all that is going on and my own insecurities.   I, for the most part have kept all of these issues to myself, refusing to talk about with with Robert and even God!!! Well, now I am at the point I can’t handle all these problems internally anymore. I have to get them off my chest but I don’t want to bother others with my problems, so what is a girl to do?
Sorry if I seem to be babbling this morning, it is simply my exhausted mind spinning and spinning and spinning.  I pray I can get rest soon but I know I  will have to free my mind off all that is taken up residence.  Guess it is time to talk to the Father about my concerns and then open up to Robert!   Who knows I may even open up to you.