The Red Balloon

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote, I have been extremely busy helping my brother and his new wife get ready for their wedding. The wedding is over, I am all rested up and now I have time to blog!

Every once in a while God will use objects and items to help gain the attention of His children and others.  In the Bible God used Moses’ staff or rod several times to help gain individuals attention.   I know if I would have seen the rod turn into a snake and eat the two snakes if the Pharoah’s magicians, I would definitely have taken heed.  God even used animals to get individuals attention- there is the talking donkey for starters.  Well, God still uses objects to get individuals attention.  Proof of this is the red balloon which showed up on our property at the beginning of January.   January 6, 2015 God placed a red balloon right where everyone around could see and what happened afterwards is only a miracle!

December 24th Robert and finally decided on a bank to use to help with financing our house.  We knew we found the right bank but the possibility of hearing back from them during the holidays would be very unlikely but we still followed through with contacting them, faith in full gear! Over the next few weeks we didn’t hear anything from the bank but our builder, yes we have a wonderful builder and God blessed us with them also, told us that they knew the banker was working on our paperwork and we should hear from them at anytime.  This was only days before the red balloon appeared on January 6th.  January 6th when I pulled up in my parents yard I noticed the balloon sitting on our property.  At first I asked my parents if the bank had called and if they placed the balloon over there letting us know the bank called.  Well, they told me the bank did not call and the balloon just appeared on the land.

I started wondering what the purpose of the balloon just showing up was and did it have anything to do with our house… Well, as many of you may know… the balloon was a sign from God showing us He had a gift for us.  January 6, 2015 the moment Robert walked in the door from work,  the bank called (seriously) and let us know we were getting our house.

Thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers. THANK YOU for the red balloon as a reminder and as a sign to help us know our answer was on the way. Robert and I look forward to the next step in this process of being homeowners.

We still have the red balloon in our room.  We are excited to be able to use it in a few months at our house warming party, where all of our family and friends will be able to sign the balloon God sent our way!

Up next…. our land dedication ceremony.