Saying “Goodbye to 2014”

Goodness what a year for us!  We have had a roller coaster of a year to say the least.  I am so glad I have been able to share our year with you.   The journey we are on has been a long, and at times extra hard.  We have learned how to trust in God’s timing, family and friends like we have never had to in the past.   As we say “Goodbye, 2014” we are saying “hello” to a new phase in our Journey.  We are leaving a year of being homeless, searching for a house, cleaning land and many, many tears in the past.  I have decided we cannot dwell in the past and let our struggles over the past year and a half define who Robert and I are.  We have to use this time span to learn from it and see how much we have grown together.  We have become this strong family unit which has struggled with the enemy’s battle against us since the day we were married.

This next year we will bring different trials and test I am sure BUT the idea of no longer being homeless but being a homeowner is soon in our path.  Robert and I find it very fitting that we began this year clearing land my parents gave us and we are now ending the year with signing a contract with a builder to get our house built, when this time last year we could only dream of that.   It is even more fitting that we would not only sign the contract on our new home today, but we would also hear back from the bank the same day (unfortunately I can’t share any news on this because we played phone tag with the bank after we received their message — BUT we are believing it is only good news)!   We serve an awesome God who can take two broken individuals, mold them and shape them into what He wants them to be.   He can them move what seems like mountains to use and make what once again seems like the impossible to us possible!

I look forward to being able to continue sharing our story with you in 2015.  I wonder what blog titles will come your way?  I am believing some of them will deal with each phase of our house going up, and there is another one I hope to post but I will keep that one to myself for know.

Love you all and will see you in 2015!!

Make sure and watch the video of our land clearing process — a special thank you to everyone who helped us clean our land!