Catch up time

Time to catch everyone up on all that has been going on in our lives.   My little family decided we needed a break from all the craziness that life has handed us over the past year.  So, we decided to travel out west to visit the Alamo, the Big Bend National Park, Tombstone, Arizona, and many stops in between.  This trip was one that was truly needed to help us escape reality and simply enjoy ourselves.  I will make sure and include a few pictures at the bottom of today’s blog of our fun. I will come back in a few days and spend a little bit more time discussing our trip and a few lessons learned but today I MUST talk about a lesson I learned today

While we were on our trip we heard from the gentleman who runs the timber company we hired to clear some land for us.  He told us land clearing would start this week as long as tropical storm Arthur did not bring rain our way.  Talking about excited, I was one excited mountain driver when I heard the timber was going to be cleared this week… Robert and I knew it was time to pray the rain stayed away a little bit longer.  Thank God for answered prayers!   The rain stayed away and this morning I woke up to the timber company clearing land in front of my parent’s house!  

While watching the gentlemen clearing the land allowed reality to sit it for a minute. Robert and I found ourselves watching these two men all day long cutting pine tree after pine tree, clearing the way for our future house.  There was even a point in the day I told Robert, “People my look at this clearing and see a big mess but I look at it and see our future”! Prior to going on vacation I had posted on Facebook that I was happy with a decision we had made in reference to our new home, well it wasn’t until today as we were watching this patch of land being cleared that I realized I wasn’t at all happy with settling with the decision we had made.. I now know why we seemed to be having one struggle after the other in reference to getting a mobile home to live in.  We were having all of these struggles because God wanted more for us and He had more for us.  Sometimes I think we forget God has a limitless supply of mercy and grace that we settle for just enough instead of allowing Him to give us ALL He has for us!   This is whole process has helped me realize that I was doing that exact thing simply because I was in a hurry to get into a house.  Yes, I am exhausted of living in a small bedroom with enough clothes and furniture for two BUT at the same time I have decided I can’t settle for mediocre when God wants to give us so much more!

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