Right Place, Right Time

Last night I had the privilege of attending Robert’s Sports Banquet with him. Getting use to being a coaches wife has really been a struggle for me. I have to admit it is going to take some getting use to. If you know me you know I don’t like strangers and having to attend events and games with him means there are ALOT of STRANGERS!!! Some of the strangers are slowly becoming friends BUT I have to admit I am WAY out of my comfort zone. Talking about being out of comfort zone, last night after the banquet we were placed in a situation which was well out of my comfort zone!

Robert and I didn’t stay around long after the banquet because Robert understood I was uncomfortable around all the people, yes I am such an introvert it is unreal! As we were walking to the car we decided an ice cream from Powell’s Dairy Freeze was definitely on tab for the night. Off to Starke we go, talking about the Sports Banquet and the other events from the day. Before we could make it all the way to Starke we saw this maroon colored car on the side of the road, or actually half on and half off the road. I made a comment to Robert about being careful because of the car on the road. Not 30 seconds later we noticed this elderly couple getting out of the car and starting to push the car out of the road. Immediately Robert flew into action, pulling off the side of the road and running to their aid. We quickly discovered this elderly couple in their 80s at least had ran out of gas with their great granddaughter in their car. They had been moving all day into a small trailer and on their way home forgot to get gas. This couple ran out of gas within 3 miles of their house and were about to walk home before we stopped to help them. Knowing this elderly couple was struggling really touched me in a way words hardly can describe. God placed me in this uncomfortable situation with strangers to learn lesson. Here for the past 6 months I have been complaining and questioning, “Why me?” and here was this couple who in their 80s did not have a house of their own, didn’t have family to help them move and was stressing over money to get gas in their car! What right did I have to having a pity party when God had blessed me with SO much? It really got me thinking and I quickly discovered God had placed me in the right place at the right time in my life to help me learn a valuable lesson I needed to learn. I learned a lesson which only made me stronger and helped free up so much within me. Yes, by the way Robert and I were both lead to help this couple out beyond just a ride to the store. All day today we have not been able to get them off of our minds.. I have been thanking God all day for allowing me to be placed in an uncomfortable situation.

I am fully believing that this lesson has freed up blessings to Robert and I. All I had to do was be thankful even in the toughest of our storms!


Clearing a New Path

It has been almost six months since Robert started teaching.  He LOVES his job and I am so excited and pleased to see him happy with his job.  The path this job has taken him down has him helping students in every grade from Kindergarten to High School Seniors!  He now helps coach the schools football team.  I am always giving him a hard time about becoming mean and tough to make sure those boys on the football team will be able to win a game — lol!   BUT ultimately his kind, laid-back demeanor has the respect  of not only the football players but the entire coaching staff.  I had at times questioned God why He would allow us to go down this path and why the job He would bring my husband would be such a low paying job.  After watching Robert coach in their Spring Jamboree game last week I realized right then and there that Robert belongs at the school.  God has been showing us all along that HE can make the impossible, possible!   It is amazing how God can turn this small salary along with my salary into extra money at the end of each month.  God has proven to us just how wonderful HE is.

 As far as our house situation goes, we are still technology considered homeless because we are having to live with family.  We are believing once again that God is going to open the right doors to help us find a house to rent or allow this rain to stop so our land can be cleared and a house built or a mobile home brought in.  We often find ourselves wondering why our housing situation hasn’t been cleared up yet BUT we know that there is a reason and a purpose.  What that reason and purpose is, I am not sure.  I know that in time it will be revealed.  Until then, I will keep writing here sharing our journey, praying/seeking for answers and trying to enjoy this journey Robert and I are on together.

Did Robert Find A Job?

I know it has been a little bit since I have posted — but everyone should know I survived Third Grade Camp Out 2014!!  Now things have settled down I will be posting more frequently to keep everyone up to date on our journey.

When last I wrote Robert and I were facing the end of  October and he still didn’t have a job.  When we reached November we knew without a doubt we could not afford to stay in the house we were living in anymore.  We realized we had to do something and we had to act fast.   Our lives began revolving around how to make a house payment, we weren’t able to get out and go anymore.  So Veteran’s Day week we began our move out of our house and into a small room at my parent’s house.

Now, that we no longer had the stress of a house on our shoulders Robert was able to give a little more focus on a job.  This focus and attention introduced him to the public library in Lake Butler, Gainesville, and I believe Starke.   He and I both searched and searched.  Then one Thursday when we picked up the county paper there was an add for a teacher at Northside Christian Academy.  This seemed too good to be true, a job just a few miles from where we were now living and a teaching job also!   Robert emailed his resume and quickly heard back from the Principal at the school.  The Principal wanted to meet with Robert and talk to him.   I knew this had to be the job Robert was going to get, it had to be.  Well, one week turned into about three weeks before we heard anything back from the Principal.  They were interested in Robert coming in and shadowing teachers in which he would get paid!   He and I celebrated — this meant we could buy Christmas for Haynes and our family!  We knew God had answered a prayer.  The school allowed Robert to shadow and substitute for two or three weeks prior to Christmas in which time he had interviewed for the teaching job.   He unfortunately didn’t get the job BUT the school wanted him to stay on as a substitute.  Robert seemed to be working almost every day as a substitute and it always seemed to be in the same class, Spanish/Computer Class.  Was this another appointment from God??  Was God up to something that we didn’t realize?  What path was God placing Robert on and what did this Spanish/Computer class have to do with this path?