Life and Death

Yesterday I talked about Robert starting his new job in Florida which was challenging not only mentally but physically.  Even with the challenge of a new job, our small family was enjoying our new life and becoming a strong family unit each day.  My love for him grew more each day.  I knew I loved my husband,  but I did not realize exactly how much I loved this man God had promised me my entire life and brought to me until we were faced with a scary life and death situation only a month into our marriage! Trying to go back and remember all the details from July 2013 still brings back fears today, but I will try to tell this about this portion of our journey as best as I can.    July 15, 2013,  Robert had a normal work day  or a normal as a new employee can have who is trying to learn a new job.  He came home and we were going on with our normal evening routine of house chores and dinner.  Our evening was proving to be a normal, uneventful evening – we had actually talked about our plans to get Haynes the following weekend and what we would like to do.  Around 9:00 that evening Robert went to get off the couch to get something from the kitchen and he had a sharp pain in his chest.  At the time he tried to make light of  it off after he caught his breath, thinking it was just he moved funny.  I think he was trying to keep from me panicking and being scared as I think back to those days now, my husband is just that type of man — always looking out for me!  He, as most men I am sure, didn’t want to go to the hospital.  Robert told me he was fine and if he hurt again then I could take him to the ER.  The rest of our evening I was on guard, worrying about him and babying him to ensure he was okay.  We went to bed that evening, prayed and asked God to protect us.  I still remember hearing Robert pray that evening asking God to give us direction as to what had caused him to hurt in his chest and asking God to allow it not to be anything major or life threatening.  I closed my eyes that night with one eye open, making sure to keep an eye on him in case he had pains in the middle of the night. Early on Tuesday morning our alarm clock went off telling us it was time for Robert to get ready for work.  While Robert was getting his shower that morning I heard him yell out, “Oh no!”  When he finally came from the bathroom he was pale and white.  It looked like the air had been kicked out of him.  He then told me words which to this day still scare me, “I need to go to the hospital, something is wrong.”  The entire time he was telling me this he was holding his chest.  Of course out of fear my adrenalin kicked in and ran into action, calling his work, getting dressed and taking him to the hospital.  The man who had sooo many times encouraged me now was sitting in the passenger seat of the car pale and hurting!  We both were scared and unsure what exactly was going on. Once we arrived at the hospital, after they saw Robert’s blood pressure was 185 over 105,  it seemed just like minutes before I found ourselves in the trama unit of the ER and then with in only minutes once again I found my husband of only a month in the ICU of the hospital with the doctors observing and running test to see if he had had a  heart attack.  Talking about flipping out, I was flipping out but I knew I had to hold it all together for Robert – I did not want him to be worried about me while he was laying in the ICU hooked up to all kinds of electrodes and IVs.


Robert begins his new job

Sorry for not writing last night.  Robert and I took my parents to see, “God’s Not Dead.” It is an ahhhhhmazing movie.   Kudos to the producers, actors and all involved with this movie, it is a must see for everyone.   Now on with our journey.

Just a few weeks after we moved into our house Robert began his job at the University.  Here was my chance to turn my Georgia Bulldog into a Florida Gator!  Robert’s new job was a new chapter in his life.  His entire adult life he worked in business, computer and computer programming.  This new job had him working in the scientific field working with formulas, processes and equipment he had not dealt with since he took “Survey of Chemistry” in his freshman year of college.  This job was a lot more than Robert expected it to be.  See when he read the job description and even interviewed the job appeared to be an entry level job (which would allow him to get his foot in the door at the University) such as a janitor..  BUT he was surprised to find this job was far from a janitor!!

I knew this was going to be a tough job with a big learning curve when Robert came home from his first day of work with index cards full of terminology, formulas and abbreviations.  I felt like I was back in college again! Robert and I would study his “flash cards” at night – I for one, wanted my husband to be successful at his new job!  We believed that no matter what Robert could and would be successful because we are told in Philippians 4:13 (NIV), “ I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

Every night we talked about our day, our stresses, fears and plans for the next day.  Well… Robert would talk about his day; boy did he have some stories to tell about his new job and the individuals he worked with!!  I didn’t have many stories to tell being I was still out of work for the summer and my days tended to be boring with the most excitement I saw was setting my classroom up and deciding what to cook for dinner each night.  Robert and I had determined that we were not going to let the stresses of a new marriage and his new job be a big stress to us, so instead of the normal stresses many may face Robert and I found ourselves growing stronger in our relationship and friendship.  This strength and our daily talks would find to be a big asset in a few weeks when our marriage came face to face with life and death…


Who is this man and what did he do with my husband.  (Robert practicing getting dressed in his suit for work.)

Who is this man and what did he do with my husband. (Robert practicing getting dressed in his suit for work.)

Our first home

When I last was here I told you Robert and I went on our honeymoon with only $300.00.  We had the time of our lives, enjoying each other while still traveling on a tight budget. Oh yeah, I bet you are wondering where we went, aren’t you? We spent a week at Sanibel and Captiva Islands, a tropical paradise right here in Florida!

Once we returned from our honeymoon we began moving into a house which was bigger than each of us had ever lived in before.  This move was made possible by a friend who was willing to rent her house out to us.  Starting a new house was definitely more expensive than I thought it would be — it seemed as though my entire summer pay went straight into setting up the house.  We both were thankful I had the summer pay  to help us set up our new house and even more thankful that Robert was going to begin his new job in a few weeks. I was also thankful he had a few weeks off before he started his job! I had to get adjusted to living in a new house and him being around made that transition easier, which I am sure Robert would tell you it was still a struggle for me, but he was there to help support me in all the changes.  This support he gave me has been one of the cornerstones of our marriage, we would find out in just a few weeks after his job beginning just how much!


Home sweet home!  Our first house as Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe.

Home sweet home! Our first house as Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe.

There is more background to come — I really do hope this blog will get everyone up to date in the next few weeks.  I believe without the background many may struggle with understanding the journey Robert and I are on.

~Much love and prayers!

To blog or not to blog

Sitting here watching my husband of 9 months sleep, the thought occurs to me not to go through with this blog.  But I keep hearing God tell me to share our story and our journey with the world.  So here I am beginning a blog several months or maybe even years in the making!

To help everyone understand what is going on, I must go back and build some background knowledge, yes the teacher in me is coming out. Robert and I have been friends for several years; we met through a Christian singles ministry called Singled-Out by Grace.  We both enjoyed our friendship, conversing about our travels and families.  Then one day things changed when I simply sent a message checking on him.  The words, “Are you okay?” led to Robert surprising me at church a few weeks later, a whirlwind/storybook romance and us being married 8 months after I checked in on him that Friday evening.

We had a fairy-tale wedding with friends and family surrounding us as we started a new, exciting  chapter in our lives.  We felt like we had the whole world to conquer. The best of our lives were ahead of us – or was it?  I guess looking back our first clue that our journey to a happily ever after was going to be a road paved with illness, depression, joblessness, and homelessness should have been after we finished counting the money we received from our wedding along with the money we had left from planning the wedding. We went on our week long honeymoon with only $300.00!! Yet, even with this we felt the best was still to come. We were happy and carefree knowing we had the rest of our lives together and our love would conquer all!


This is just the beginning of our story – there is so much more to come, please come back often to see more of our journey and a look back at how we got where we are today – happy, in love and planning a wonderful future together!


Our wedding day!

Our wedding day!

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sharpe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sharpe

Our first dance.

Our first dance.


Fun in the sun on our honeymoon

Love is radiating from our eye like they have since day number one!

Love is radiating from our eye like they have since day number one!

Honeymooning lovebirds

Honeymooning lovebirds